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Shaanxi Construction Engineering Installation Group Co., Ltd. 

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 specializes in the cultivation, processing, storage and sale of bulk Chinese herbal medicines.


The quality control of traditional Chinese medicine slice enterprises is not as strict as western medicine (including chemical medicine, biological medicine, etc.). The main reasons are as follows

One is that the composition of traditional Chinese medicine is much more complicated than western medicine. For example, the content of Western medicine, for example, is generally very high, because it is mainly a few pure substances; and Chinese herbal medicine is mainly some natural medicinal materials, the impurities can not be expected, even if a different batch of medicinal materials in the same origin, impurities are also This is very likely to be different, which poses a great challenge to the difficulty of detection.
Two, in fact, it is also due to the first problem derived, especially the increase in the detection of difficulty, relative to the regulation will be a bit loose, human maneuverability is big.
Thirdly, some kinds of traditional Chinese medicine can hardly meet the standards stipulated in the Pharmacopoeia. In this case, many enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine slices will have some counterfeiting behavior. Small Wang raises a list, the gold buckwheat content detection project, I have not been basically no qualified gold buckwheat since I am employed, of course, the content of unqualified medicinal materials will not have any harm to the human body, but it may be less effective. And often the content of some medicinal herbs may not be effective ingredients.