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The efficacy and function of polygonum multiflorum

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  Efficacy of polygonum multiflorum:
  Detoxify,eliminate carbuncle,embellish bowel to connect defecate.Used for scrofula and dearths carbuncle,pruritus and constipation;Hyperlipidemia.
  1.Osteomalacia(pain in the waist and knees,itching all over the body,difficulty walking).Soak in the same fine wine for seven nights each with a kilo of polygonum multiflorum and a kilo of ox knee.Drain and mash.Take thirty to fifty pills each.Empty heart,wine.
  Pain in the skin.With the end of radix polygoni,ginger juice mixed into paste smear,after putting on the cloth,with fire baked sole ironing.
  Sweat.With the end of polygonum multiflorum,adjust saliva,seal the umbilical cord.
  4.Bleeding in the intestinal wind.And the two talents of hodor shall be the last.Two dollars for each meal,before meals,rice soup delivered.
  5.Bleeding from broken wounds.Apply the radix polygonum multiflorum powder.There are special effects.
  6.Scrofulosis tuberculosis(or broken or not broken,down to the chest can be treated),wash with the root of radix polygonum fulosis,raw chew daily,and take the leaves to mash the affected area.
  7.Tumors.With it wutou unlimited,in wenwu fire on the torture,with the same amount of wine,and a few more Fried,liquor storage,at any time drinking;Roasting the residue of medicine,grind it to the end,and make the noodles into balls,as big as wuzi.Take thirty pills every time,empty heart,warm wine.After the illness has healed,the medicine may be taken regularly.
  8.High winds and plagues.With he shouwu(with big and decorative pattern is good)1 catty,bubble Amoy rice water seven days,repeatedly evaporate,bask several times,add hu ma 42,again evaporate bask,grind for the end,take 2 money every time,wine is sent,take 2 times a day.
  Scabies.With what head aconitum,area leaf divides equally,water fry thick soup to wash bath,can relieve pain,generation muscle.Use stem of radix polygonum multiflorum,leaf decoction to wash bath,also effective.
  The role of polygonum multiflorum:
  1.Pharmacological effects related to efficacy as the main treatment
  (1)promote hematopoietic function
  (2)enhance immune function
  (3)lowering blood lipid and preventing atherosclerosis
  (4)protect liver
  (5)delaying aging,modern investigation has vitamin E to stop wrinkles regeneration.
  (6)endocrine effects
  (7)moisten the intestine for defecation
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