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The function and function of white thatch root

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1. White mulberry root has the function of hemostasis and can shorten the bleeding and coagulation time.
2. Water immersion solution of white mulberry root can reduce vascular permeability.
White mulberry root has diuretic effect.
4. The decoction has an inhibitory effect on the dysentery bacillus fushi and sonne in vitro.
5. The water alcohol condensation extract of white mulberry root increased the intake of cardiac myocardium 86Rb in mice.
Shennong native grass sutra: sweet taste, cold. It is the main treatment for fatigue, deficiency, qi, qi, blood stasis, blood closure, cold and heat, and urination.
Farewell to famous doctors: non-toxic. And the Lord drench them, and take away heat in the bowels, and quench thirst, and harden the sinews, and break the woman. Long serving people.
Japanese flowering quince herb: cool. Housewife person menstruation is not even, pass blood vein, drench acerbity.
Compendium of materia medica: white moutan gan is sweet, can eliminate fu hot, benefit urinate, can stop all blood retch, asthma is urgent eliminate thirst, treat jaundice edema is good thing also. How is this known to the world, that it is neglected in a small way, but that it is a bitter and bitter pill that brings healing? Stop epistaxis epistaxis, typhoid retards, lung heat asthma, edema jaundice, alcoholism.
"This grass is granting" : sweet and cold. Non-toxic. The next drench li urination, through the closure of blood stasis. Extirpative heat in the stomach, epistaxis due to labor injury. Quench your thirst and strengthen your muscles.
Jingyue quanshu: sweet and cool taste, pure and beautiful sex, can fill in the benefit of qi, this medicine also. Good blood management disease, any bleeding epistaxis, blood stasis closure, and women through the water is not regulated, in the collapse of leakage. And through five drench, remove guest heat, stop vexation thirst, firm bones, cure lung heat heiio counterasthmatic urgent, detoxify wine poison and jaundice edema, long service is beneficial. For the treatment of tumors, the blood of various ulcers, or the use of roots, or the use of this cooking juice mixed with poisons, or the use of wine, there is no doubt. There are many kinds of grass, everywhere, but white is the winner. Spring buds, such as needles, so called grass needles, can be pampered, very benefit children, the same function.
The essence of this grass: make up the fire, make up the middle, stop the blood, and retch the hots. Cold. Start with less Yin, heart. Foot too Yin, Yang Ming. The spleen and stomach. Replenishing qi, eliminating heat, eliminating blood stasis, facilitating urine, detoxifying wine. Treatment of epistaxis epistaxis by blood, the heart and liver fire, detoxification blood upward, exhalation; Epistaxis epistaxis when the lung is inflamed. Moutan gan and blood, cold and cool blood, fire down, so treatment. Remove blood stasis and massage juice, known as maohua soup, also cause nosebleed epistaxis. Blood closes cold and heat, blood stasis closes, blood closes cold and heat. Leaching collapse, blood heat will collapse. Retch typhoid, or hiccup.
"This grass chongyuan" : white straw color sweet taste, soft on the top, the root of many jin juice, essential soil and water phase of gasification. If you treat those who have suffered from labor injury and are thin, if you are bothered with internal injuries, you will not be honored with external fluids, but your body will be thin. Maogen is pure and juicy, so it can be used to treat fatigue, injury, and leanness. If the midland is deficient, the midland is deficient. Moutan is very earthy and sweet, so it can make up for it. In addition to blood stasis, the deficiency in the qi of the liver is a sign of blood stasis. Maogen is golden and white, so it can remove blood stasis. When the lung is golden and furred, cold and heat heal itself. When the fur is pumped down the bladder, the urine is self-absorbed.
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