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Plant encyclopedia: the knowledge that you have to know about tall aconitum head!

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Aconitum sinomontanum Nakai, Latin for Aconitum, belongs to a kind of plant of angiosperms, dicotyledons and buttercups, named after and dating from Nakai, 1935.
Tall aconitum, perennial herb with roots up to 20 cm long, cylindrical, up to 2 cm thick. Stem 95-150 cm tall, glabrous below middle, puberulent retroflexed near upper inflorescence, 4-6 leaves, unbranched or branched. Basal leaves 1, long stalks with lower stems; Leaf blade reniform or circular reniform, 12-14.5cm long, 20-28cm wide, base broadly heart-shaped, trigonal to about 6/7 of its own length, middle and deep lobes smaller, wedge-shaped narrow rhombus, acuminate, trifid margin with irregular triangular sharp teeth, lateral deep lobes oblique and soft, unequal trifid slightly more than middle, both surfaces sparsely puberulent or hairless; Petiole 30-50 cm long, with shallow longitudinal groove, few glabrous. Racemes 30-50 cm long, with dense flowers; Shaft and pedicels more or less densely pressed pubescent; Bracts longer than pedicel, lower bracts leaf-like, other bracts undivided, linear, 0.7 -- 1.8 cm long; Lower pedicle 2-5 cm long, middle or above 0.5-1.4 cm long; Bracteoles usually middle pedicels, narrowly linear, 3-9 mm long; Sepals bluish-purple or mauve, outer densely puberulent, upper sepals cylindric, 1.6-2 cm high, 4-7 mm thick, margin slightly constricted below middle, lower margin 1.1-1.5 cm long; Petals glabrous, up to 2 cm long, labial tongue shaped, ca. 3.5 mm long, ca. 6.5 mm long, backward boxing; Stamens glabrous, filaments mostly with 1-2 small teeth; Carpels 3, glabrous. Follicles 1.1-1.7 cm long; Seeds obovate, 3-ribbed, ca. 3 mm long, brown, densely winged.
It is distributed in sichuan, guizhou, western hubei, eastern qinghai, southern gansu, shaanxi, shanxi and hebei.
The main value of high aconitum: dispelling wind and removing dampness, regulating qi and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. Used for rheumatic lumbar leg pain, stomachache, palpitation, bruising injury, scrofulosis, boil boil.
It is similar to diphtheria aconitum, whose inflorescences have spreading short glandular hairs, and sepals may differ from this species in lighter color. This species is also closely related to purple flowers with high aconitum, the latter having long hairs on the back of the leaves, and the inflorescence having developmental glandular hairs which are different from this species.
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